The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk should be required reading by everyone with a body. So, everyone. 🤪

His book outlines the research he has conducted over years that has led to the conclusion that our bodies will hold the effects of trauma until we help it resolve. This can look like illness, pain, tension, anxiety, digestive issues, sleepiness, PTSD triggers, dissociation and more. Trauma is anything that the brain cannot effectively integrate given its current mental schemas.

The traumatic experience gets fragmented from the rest of life’s experiences (which become dormant memories) and stays present in the brain and body system.

In my work with clients, I utilize EMDR, IFS, and other experiential, attachment-based theories to help clients reintegrate their traumas in safe, slow ways – thus, reducing their physiological trauma

Reach out today to get help with your physical symptoms of trauma. We’re here to help.

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