Therapist spotlight!

Christine Wolf, MMFT, MedFT is our amazing clinician who specializes in medical family therapy. What is medical family therapy, you ask? Great question!

Most people haven’t heard of it, as it is an emerging subspecialty in the MFT world and is often conducted in hospital or rehab settings. Basically, someone realized that families and individuals were struggling emotionally and relationally from the stress of a chronic illness or injury recovery process, and that doctors and nurses didn’t have time to help with that. We’ve all been there – the doctor delivers bad news and then has to leave 3 minutes later to attend to the next patient while you’re sitting there trying to process what they’ve just told you. MedFTs specialize in helping folks navigate the emotional and mental stressors of brain injuries, neurological conditions, the rehab process, and many more medical issues!

In addition to her special experience, Christine brings a tenderness to her therapeutic work that quite honestly feels like a warm hug on a cold day. We are so thankful to have her on the Abide team!

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